The Overview And The Features Of The Serengeti Kings

NetEnt is back on the plains of the Serengeti with a new slot. The term ‘return’ is not just a literary tool. NetEnt has developed a game after several mediocre slots which is as enjoyable to play as you can watch.ตู้สล็อตออนไลน์  While the screenshots themselves may not be so special, the audio effects do play an important role. The African wilderness is not alien to the world of gambling; the fields are filled like wildlife with the bodies of old slots.เว็บสล็อตไทย  Any creator who discusses the theme must be mystical and distinguishable.


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Serengeti Kings adopts an attitude with a light heart. That’s Africa, as Walt Disney thought, where there are no bugs. Where the fatal beasts aren’t fatal, they’re all too playful. It’s good context that lays the scene that makes the game initially appealing. However, it is the music that makes you come into this universe. 

It has the soulful community singing that is so vivid and exciting in black churches. If the Lion King had a slacker sister who was more interested in living than to rule, it would be Serengeti Kings. Often notable – with the latest user interface and some new game mechanics.

Stake time 

The action takes place in a 5-wheel, 4-row, 26 paylines grid. We have to admit certain strange numbers that were a little off at first (we always prefer 1024-win ways when going for 4 rows). The bet amounts are rather wide, beginning at 10 p/c/d, up to £/€100. In a well-balanced combination even, symbols arrive. The low pay is 9 — royals made with assorted animal skins. Both wild symbols, such as mere, zebra, giraffe, hyena, lions & panthers, are decent pay symbols. The last two, the Serengeti’s queens, are the most precious 5-fold stake for five of a kind. At 50 times more are wild icons.

Volatility is put in a medium to high location and compliments a smart mathematical model. Testing nice low value runs wins with higher, more satisfactory returns. He is not a big payer, but his features will deliver a respectable payout. The Feature Buy that we can go down to is supplied with three options that change RTP from 96.2% – 96.7% based on which choice you select.

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Kings are lions and panthers and these creatures play an important part in the features of the game (black panthers are otherwise most widely associated with the Americas, but whatever). The game will start in Lion Spins mode, which takes place during the day and gradually transforms into dark Panther Spins. Both modes have twelve spins and each lion or panther is collected in two counters that border the bobbles.

The game won’t collect lion symbols on the 12th Lion Spin. The Lion attribute is activated instead, and all symbols from the Lion gathered are randomly sprayed on the reels 

Panther Spin symbols 12th. This will build winning combinations and it has a different component as well. When a Lion symbol falls on a Panther, they become a wild symbol. When the species are close they add +1 to a multiplier. When a cat lands in the wild, the multiplier adds +1. The multiplier begins at x1 for any bet line


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